Dignity of the Nation Risk

  • India-Sri Lanka test match stopped due to pollution. Commentators said it was the first recorded instance of an international match being halted due to the toxic smog that afflicts much of north India year-round but worsens to hazardous levels during winter months
  • ► Delhi doctors declare Public Health Emergency. Levels of airborne pollutants are off the scale in parts of India's capital with effects likened to smoking 50 cigarettes a day
  • United Airlines suspends Newark-Delhi flights due to "poor air"
  • ► If air does not improve, Delhi may join ranks with Iraq, Islamabad in "hardship postings" - Diplomats
  • ► Embassies have shortened the tenure of their officials serving in Delhi. Diplomats have reduced their stay here from four to three years, some from three to two. Some countries have made Delhi a non-family station, where spouses and children prefer not to join the diplomat here