Smog of Delhi

Pollution has become a common term among Delhites that has been drawing a lot of attention due to its hazardous nature. Research shows that the air pollution in Delhi is combination of both rural and urban mess that is more acute in winter season as a result of smog. Towards the end of 2017, the situation got worse due to slow moving of the air currents allowing polluted air to linger upon. As we relate to the causes of rural air pollution, farmers resorting to burning of fields to replenish soils for crop change have led to a major contribution. There are varied factors such as vehicular/ industrial emissions, dust from construction sites and others that led to urban air pollution. The increased levels of pollution resulted in huge consumption of energy with people preferring to stay indoors ultimately posing a burden to the utilization of fossil fuels such as charcoal & wood. To show impact and reduce the levels of air pollution, sustained efforts are needed from all sectors of people with proper regulations from the Government to work in synchronization to have a healthier and more sustainable environment. It is hopeful that initiatives taken by the Government would lead towards fruitful results for Delhites to live in safe environment.