Shudhvayu Innovation

It took 1.5 years of dedicated hardwork to find a satisfactory answer to the polluton menace that is speedily strengthening its grip on the nation adversely impacting its present & future at both local and global levels. Technical team @ Swasthgram NGO proudly presents to you its extremely powerful "Shudhvayu innovation"

"Shudhvayu Innovation" on the roof of transport vehicles like car, etc

Easy to attach & detach, you just drive and Shudhvayu does the rest.

The Shudhvayu prototype built was put on a personal car. The car was then taken on a 200 km long drive at upto 140 km/hr speed. Under real environmental conditions of AQI 250 and PM10 particles at 400g/m3, the car was driven on the Delhi-Gurgaon stretch. Shudhvayu prototype weighed 2342.5 gm when installed. Its cross-sectional area is 1500cm2

After completing the test run, the Shudhvayu Innovation was removed from the car and weighed again. It weighed 2357.5 gm. Upon subtractions, we obtained that 8.7 gm of PM10 particles were trapped inside the innovation. i.e. ~4g carbon particles removed from air in 100km distance.