You can contribute in 3 ways . Select multiple ways and contribute more in cleaning our city air.

Donate if you are concerned and want to breathe fresh air instead of breathing carbon, lead, sulphate, arsenic & many more PM10 particles present in polluted air.

This will help of our mission to distribute 5000000 ShudhVayu filters to the people who have their own vehicle including Cars, Commercial Vehicle, Auto and Bikes

Your donation supports manufacturing of Shudhvayu filters and will save lives from unexpected & unwanted deaths.

Tax Benefit - You can claim tax exemption against your donation via 80 G certification

Claim your free Shudhvayu filter and get it installed on your car roof top by registering your vehicle on button

# Scratch-proof # No effect on car mileage
# No power source # Taps natural energy (moving air)
# Installed & dismantled easily # Washable & replaceable in 1 minute

Each moving vehicle on the roads will act as Filter and we can remove 20 ton of unburnt carbon particles from air in a single day.

Aware People regarding effect of air pollution in our health in your free time

Register as a Volunteer

  1. Contribute in reaching more people at social media.

  2. Contribute in web,graphics,content development and design.

  3. Aware people regarding harmful impact of air pollution.

  4. Contribute in data collection.