Frequently Asked Question

1. What is ShudhVayu?

ShudhVayu is an innovation developed by the ShudhVayu team to remove the air pollution of the country especially in Delhi. This innovation is very powerful and it can remove 20 ton carbon from Delhi air in a single day.

2. How does it work?

The innovation starts working once it is installed over the car roof. The size of the innovation is very less, so it neither takes much space nor affects the mileage of the car. It doesn't need any electricity to run.

3. What it credibility?

We have tested at 3 levels and the results were amazing. First, we did test it in a foggy room which was covered from 4 sides. Once, we started it the room was clean within 45 min. Second, we did a comparison of the filters with the used and unused condition. There was a difference of the weight due to carbon capture. Thirdly, we installed the filter on the car roof and after the 200 K.M run we captured 8 GM. Carbon in it and its approved by CPCB. (Central Pollution Control Board)

4. Where have you tested it?

We have tested it on our vehicle and on the others too. This works with moving air only.

5. How much it cost, if someone wants to buy this?

This innovation is not for sale. This will be used to the society benefit only. So,we are going to donate it. You can register your car at and you will get this filter free with the help of someone's donation. Next time you can donate the amount and filter will be installed to someone’s car.

6. Have you tried to get involved with government?

Yes, we did and the govt. is very positive about it soon it will be on a greater level. We are continuously in touch with them.

7. Why do you need funding?

We want to make people aware and generate awareness about the bad effect of the air pollution. Since, people are not aware about it and as per our data, 90% don't even understand what it does cause apart from breathing issues.

8. How you will target people and make them convince?

We are running campaigns for making people aware and for this we are continuously visiting crowded places such as: Parks, mall, RWA's , clubs. Through meeting and complete discussion with the people.

9. How can I help you on this, is there any volunteer charge?.

Thanks for showing your interest in ShudhVyu. We would happy to say that, for volunteer there is no such charges, all you have to do that, you have to take care of any of the fields where you can help us to present. for more info. Please feel free to connect to us.

10. What is the minimum donation demand?

We are accepting donation of the filter, you can support us by donating filters. With your support we would be able to install more and more filters on the vehicles.

11. Any timeline, strategy that you have how many filters by when?

The strategy that we are following is completely developed with automatic machinery. The target will be always multiplied by five times.

Months No Of Filters
March 20
April 100
May 500
June 2500
July 12500
August 62500
September 312500
October 1562500
November 5000000

12. What technic you are following to install it where and how in a large no.?

There will be multiple installations based on no. of vehicle registered. Our operation team will take care of the installation part based on individual response. The filter will be installed over the car only at the door step or as per the convenience of the car owner.

13. How many Kilometer it will run once it is installed over the car?

Once the filter installed over the car, it will run around 5000 K.M and after every 5000 k.m filter will be changed with the same device.

14. What about pollution captured in filter?

We have our own recycling unit and various partners who will guide and help us in proper recycling without harming the environment.

15. What about filter service?

We have already built the service center in and around the city. Everytime we go to petrol pumps, there only servicing of the related device would be done within in minutes.