What are We Risking

More than inconvenience, air pollution is indeed a major medical hazard. And, if the situation is not addressed, in no time, it will pose major threats to economic growth and dignity of nation

Health Risk

  1. 920000 children die under 5 years due to air pollution world wide. In Delhi it is 3000 in 365 days. 8 Death per day : UNICEF

  2. Air Pollution inhaled during pregnancy can cross the placenta and affect the developing brain of a Fetus -: UNICEF

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Dignity Nation Risk

  1. India-Sri Lanka test match stopped due to pollution. Commentators said it was the first recorded instance of an international match being halted due to the toxic smog

  2. Delhi doctors declare Public Health Emergency. Levels of airborne pollutants are off the scale in parts of India's capital with effects likened to smoking 50 cigarettes a day

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Economic Risk

  1. Drives away top corporate executives and push talent to work in other cities in India or abroad

  2. "Tourism is our strength, to generate foreign exchange. This (pollution) will have impact on the same," the Union Minister of Culture said

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Our Solution

After a research of around 2 years, SWASTHGRAM found the solution which has the potential to bring back Healthy AQI. It is a brilliant initiative, a technological innovation to address the problem of Air Pollution in India especially in metro cities in a very short span of time.

Our R&D centre is nationalized laboratory recognized by DSIR, Ministry of Science & Technology. Pilot Experiments have been successful where 4 gram PM10 particles were absorbed in the run of 100 km area at 250 AQI which means 1 car is cleaning area of 10000m. Henceforth, if we install this Shudhvayu filter on all moving vehicles on road in Delhi (approx 50 lacks), we can clean 20 ton carbon in a single day which makes air of Delhi as healthy as equivalent to any other developed international city.


Features of ShudhVayu Filter

  • ►Can be installed & dismantled easily
  • ►Low Weight: About 2.5 kg
  • ►Has to simply affix on the roof of the car – scratchproof fully & does not affect mileage of the vehicle.
  • ►Does not use any power source, taps kinetic energy of moving air on the car top.
  • ►Main Filter needs to be replaced after 5000 km and Pre-filters need to be simply washed. Entire process will be handled at Petrol Pumps which takes less than 2 minutes.

Outcome of the experiment with 100km run of the car

Pollutant Captured Filter Amount Result
Particle (> PM 10) Front Washable Filter 10 gm Particle Above 50 microns
Particle (< PM 10) Replaceable Filter 4gm Particle below 10 microns

ShudhVayu Filter Graph

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  • Innovation

    Cleans environmental air unlike the air purifiers that clean only the air inside our homes

    It is viable, sustainable ans scalable, with prototype built and tested successfully with powerful outcomes

    Easy to attach and detach to the vehicles, thus convenient for use when needed.

  • Potential

    Can clean minimum 33 metres ~ 109 feet height of the air column.An average Indian goes upto 5.5 feet.

    Can remove minimum 20 ton carbon vs 12 ton carbon produced each day in Delhi.

    Upto 10,000 m3 can be cleaned in single use of the innovation

  • Showstopper

    "Shudhvayu Innovation" will give the needed results only when utilized by ALL.

    Funds are needed to build the team, infrastructure for the clean air project.

    Innovation is ready! Are you ready to support the cause?








Funds Raised(K)

How YOU can Help

Well, YOU are the key to unlock the potential of the proposed Shudhvayu innovation. We must unite to fight the menace of air pollution causing damage to health, wealth and dignity of our nation affecting the individual lives of all age groups adversely

Our blog

Anecdotes from our Lives


Smog of Delhi

Posted by admin on 3rd Mar 2018

Research shows that the air pollution in Delhi is combination of both rural and urban mess that is more acute in winter season as a result of smog. Real-time live view of air pollution Click here


Shudhvayu Innovation

Posted by admin on 5th Mar 2018

Shudvayu Innovation holds immense air cleaning potential which can only be realised by people participation at mass level, commercial level & government level. Multi-dimensional technical reasoning supporting the innovation claims is proposed here


Air - The New Poison

Posted by admin on 5th Mar 2018

The slow Poison which is killing the generation by robbing them of the health oppurtunites, economic stability, well being. This Poison is there everywhere and every human being, whether rich or poor is getting afftected by the same


What people say about us

With my job involving constant interaction with public and officials, I know how difficult it can be to work under severe air pollution. Having heard about this unique solution from Swasthgram, I am happy to volunteer for Shudhvayu's national campaign to reduce the impact of pollution in my city. More such innovations would be needed to address major issues in our society. Good Work Swasthgram.


Kuldeep Singh

Delhi Police

This is really a very pleasing matter for me & we (RCC team) also have taken initiative against it after experiencing a bad occurrence due to smog and air pollution in last winter but after knowing about the Swasthgram’s Innovation and their dedication towards control of Air pollution & minimization of carbon content than I got certainty for better pollution free future for our auspicious generation.


Mrityunjay Shukla

President – Rotary Community Corps Gurugram

The concept which Swasthgram has come out with for improving Air Quality of Delhi is going to be revolutionary. It has the potential of making Delhi the Best City to live in, globally. We owe it to the next generation and I compliment team Swasthgram for this innovation. It would be an example for the world to replicate. I wish team Swasthgram the very best


Salil Bhatnagar

Sr VP, Harvard Square

Contact with us

Postal address:

Plot No:424,CMR Building, Near: Govt. Primary School, Metro Pillar No-138, Ghitorani, New Delhi-110030


Toll Free Number: 18002700408

Moblie Number: +91 8527895901


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