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Combat COVID-19


After a research of around 2 years, SWASTHGRAM found the solution.

It is a filter which has to be installed on the roofs of the vehicles and it captures carbon particles PM 10. It does not require any artificial power source such as motors. Each moving vehicle on the roads will act as Filter and we can remove 20 ton of unburnt carbon particles from air in a single day.

 Register your car at  to claim free Shudhvayu Filter for your own car and become Shudhvayu Rakshak to clean Delhi air.

 Become Shudhvayu Samarthak – Donate if you are concerned and want to breathe fresh air instead of breathing carbon, lead, sulphate, arsenic & many more PM10 particles present in polluted air.

 YOU CAN ALSO DONATE VIA PAYTM @8527895900.  Your donation supports manufacturing of these filters and will save lives from unexpected & unwanted deaths