• ►Drives away top corporate executives and push talent to work in other cities in India or abroad
  • ►"Tourism is our strength, to generate foreign exchange. This (pollution) will have impact on the same," the Union Minister of Culture said
  • ►A survey by ASSOCHAM claims that the toxic smog not only encompasses Delhi NCR region but goes up to Ludhiana, Meerut, Panipat, Bhiwadi and Rohtak which will directly have an impact on tourism, transport, automobile and real estate
  • ►International tourists are more sensitive about green tourism and with such negative developments Delhi is bound to drop off from the map of international tourists who will pick 'cleaner' South Asian destinations. Even domestic tourists are avoiding Delhi
  • ►A World Bank study released last year revealed that India lost more than 8.5% of its GDP in 2013 due to cost of increased welfare and lost labour due to air pollution
  • ►A study by the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay, found that air pollution cost Mumbai and Delhi $10.66 billion (approximately Rs 70,000 crore) in 2015, or about 0.71% of the country's GDP