SwasthGram Mission SwasthManthan

Every day at Swasthgram, we work towards a goal of bringing happiness to common man of India. That’s why we have achieved, something incredible in such a short span of time, a unique technology for Medical Diagnostic, which competes with imported products and at the same time highly economical.
Under Swasthmanthan initiative, we have done more than 2210 camps with the help of 05 La Bikes & 01 Charitable Lab targeting all age groups as basic health is vered Remote Areas, Slums, Villages, RWAs, Foundations, Governments, Corporate Houses, Exhibitions etc. in order to reach out to those people who lack basic healthcare facilities.
More than six lakh beneficiaries have received services from us till date. In last 2 years, around 7000 pregnant women in villages got their blood screening under the program and we were able to save high risk pregnancies within time limits, which otherwise could have ended with serious medical complications if not given care on time.
The patients who are critical or require immediate attentions are referred to the tie up partner hospitals where they get treatment at nominal cost and they get medicines at charitable dispensaries.
Long Term Goals
Early detection of diseases – Cancer , Diabetes , Liver & Kidney damages
Proactive measures can be taken by the Healthcare authorities to act accordingly based on the study results.
Proactive preparedness of the preventive measures to be taken.
Helping Policy makers for decision making & planning strategically for Healthcare Plans.
Reviewing existing Healthcare Infrastructure & services.
Out of pocket expenditure on healthcare can be Minimized through preventive measures.
Importance of issues like education, social customs, nutrition, etc. will be discussed with women and they will be encouraged to bring about appropriate changes.
Community will be trained over a period of time to manage NCDs through various awareness programs and camps and street plays.
Immunity Bike

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