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आओ करे देश तैयार, शुद्धवायु सबका अधिकार


Shudhvayu is a latest initiative of Swasthgram which has started in Feb’ 18 following a 2 years of extensive research for the noble cause of controlling air pollution and ensuring India’s Health.
Register your car at to claim free Shudhvayu Filter for your own car and become Shudhvayu Rakshak to clean Delhi air.
Become Shudhvayu Samarthak – Donate if you are concerned and want to breathe fresh air instead of breathing carbon, lead, sulphate, arsenic & many more PM10 particles present in polluted air.


Awareness raising and civic participation.Develop umbrella organizations and/or new networks on Preventive Healthcare Solutions
NGO‐involvement in national action plans related to Preventive Healthcare Solutions.

  Mobilizing local involvement to protect people from NCDs.Health Education activities and training for youth on MLT skills


Under Saksham Program, Swasthgram is preparing a skilled brigade of Swasthsaathis who are making inroads towards providing health for all.
Since inception, Swasthgram is creating livelihood for youth in a very specialized area of medical fraternity – Laboratory technicians where they learn to perform routine lab procedures and techniques of phlebotomy, blood, urine & stool analysis, microscopy, biochemistry and computer skills, to use specialized instruments based on disruptive technology and other medical equipments.

ShudhVayu Innovation

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